Haulage by VKVP


     Transportation by road is considered to be a popular and convenient method of cargo transportation in any country. Road haulage plays a very important role in the whole transportation scheme, as railway infrastructure is not developed in certain locations, while remote areas do not have it at all.

trucing_from    Moreover, modern road transportation competes with railway transportation in terms of performance at small and medium distances.

Advantages of road transportation with VKVP Haulage:

1.​ Flexible route option allows the customer to load the truck in several locations avoiding additional costs of consolidation;

2.​ Delivery speed at close distances as well as flexible pricing policy;

3.​ Delivery of consolidated cargo to remote areas;

4.​ Delivery of whole or consolidated cargo to consolidation points in Europe, also transfer, additional handling;

5.​ Preparation of documents for international transportation by road, delivery to the destination;

6.​ Integrated approach to cargo transportation with provision of additional services (packaging, labelling, additional hardware, etc.).

Currently, the delivery of various cargo and goods in shipping containers becomes very popular and marketable service.

Cargo delivery service has a number of significant advantages as compared to other methods:

1.​ Cargo safety is the most important main advantage. Our company guarantees 100% safety. When the agreement is signed, we take full responsibility for the goods, regardless of the method of transportation.

2.​ Low cost delivery is one of the major advantages.

3.​ Possibility of transportation of large-size and oversize cargo using open-top containers (without a roof).