Container transportation by VKVP HAULAGE Ltd. We deliver railway and shipping containers from the country’s largest port of Felixstowe all across the UK. Container transportation allows utilising the benefits of road transportation by minimizing transportation time, delivery costs, and giving the possibility of choosing a more flexible route. Depending on the nature of the cargo, it is recommended to use 20-40-45 feet containers for container transportation.

     Container transportation using trucks is a very important area of activity. For this purpose various types of special vehicles are used, such as, handlers, container trucks, as well as drop-frame trailers and heavy-duty trailers, called trawls. These special vehicles provide fast cargo transportation. Durable and spacious platform can accommodate several shipping containers at once. Transportation costs depend on many factors and are calculated individually.

    Container transportation by road is usually carried out in door-to-door format, i.e., workers drive up directly to the gate of the warehouse, load the container with products on the platform of the vehicle and deliver it directly to another warehouse.

    In this case, there is no need for mandatory repacking of the cargo, contrary to the requirements of transportation by railway. Also, there is no need to follow specific schedules — a truck can be ordered at any time.

    The unloading of a container can be done in two ways: unloading can be carried out without removing the container from the platform (in this case, offloading ramp and specific mechanisms for adjusting the height of the platform are used), also unloading can be carried out by removing the container from the platform with the help of a crane following with the subsequent unloading of the goods. Reach stackers or crane devices are used for handling.